Engr. Md. Ali Karim Bhuyian :: Web and Software Developer
Ali Karim


I offer innovative web design services including website redesign, e-commerce websites, corporate websites, social networking. We all know that web design is a very dynamic art and as with any art form, it changes and morphs into different styles looking to conquer visitors hearts.

Everyone appreciate a good animation, and they have been, for a long time, a tool to attract and acquire visitors attentions on the web. Fortunately after the introduction of HMTL5 and it's canvas animation things have changed a lot. Now they can load without any other software installed on the visitor's computers and it is a safe way to introduce customers to a different experience. In 2017 Animations are going to be used more and more widely and will become nicer. As designs move more and more towards the flat design patterns, animations will go along with it, and we envision them becoming smoother and better to the visitors while keeping processing faster and faster..

Better Lazy Loading

Lazy load has been used for some time already, and it is proven to make websites load faster, but still, there is a lot more to do to make it even better.

With lazy load technology implemented on your site images will only load when they appear on your visitor screen. This can be a bit problematic for some users who do not scroll down to the bottom of the website. Visitors will have to wait for a few seconds before the images are completely loaded. The implementation in 2017 of this features will allow the websites to load images right before they come into the viewport to make it seamless to the user experience.

Better understanding and adoption of Mobile First

More and more people around the entire world have more access and use mobiles devices, and this trend is not changing in 2017.

Here a few interesting stats:

There are more than 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide
In the U.S. 25% of mobile users are mobile-only users
There are more than 10.9 billion of apps downloaded
Sales of Mobile device sales had increased across the world with over 85% of new devices being able to access the web

That means that eventually the whole focus will be transferred from desktop to Mobile and websites will be designed and developed with the primary focus on mobiles and not so much in desktop devices. In 2017 websites will be more stoning and beautifully than ever and will for sure conquer more fans on mobile devices than in any other way.

Custom graphics & Parallax Background

Custom graphics. We all love then and with today's retina displays, high-resolution screens and faster Internet connections users can enjoy an even better experience online. Today graphics makes 50% or more of the web, and it will be even better in 2017. More custom graphics full of vivid colors and great photos are sure to improve the way the Internet looks and the overall user experience.

Parallax has become a big player in web design, and for good reason. It allows for new, fresher effects while they give more value to small websites and, of course, they call the visitors attention with every scroll. That said, parallax also has a lot of flaws and issues that can make it difficult to work as it should, and exactly this is something that will change in 2017.


I love to have our clients involved with their projects and we often welcome them in our offices to go thru the websites, changing and adapting things to their likeness without jeopardizing their options and online visibility. If a client asks for something we think it will put their future website in jeopardy we will let then know right away and look for ways to make it happen without compromise their project.

I am ready for anyone to give me a call and ask as many questions as they may have. You'll soon realize that is lot easier to have someone, who is dedicated 100% to this field, take care of your project for a very affordable price.

Work Experience

DATA MARCH [ 2011 to 2012 ]
MICRONETBD [ 2012 - 2014 ]
Software Developer
Software Engineer

UNITED AIRWAYS BD LTD. [ 2014 - Continue ]
Manager of IT

UNITED TRAVEL AND TOURS [ 2018 - Continue ]


AKSOFTBD [ 2013 - Continue ]

UNITED PHARMA [ 2020 - Continue ]

My Interests

I have a keen interest in Stage Drama. I was acted during my time at University, and during this period I have shown a number of very heart touching stage drama that was published in Daily AGADI news paper which is a daily news paper in CTG. I also play cricket and Football.